ENTHACK : for MBBS Students : Revise ENT in 1 Day


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This book is concise notes for University Exams of ENT of MBBS 3rd Year. These notes are in a Question-Answer format which contains answers to all the Long Questions(LQ) and Short Questions (SQ) that are asked in University Exams. It has a concise list of IMP must do topic you need to do to pass exams with their answers. It is only a 78 pages book and its main USP is its concise yet high-yield exam-oriented approach. If you are a student who hasn’t studied vigorously whole year and wants a concise material to learn and write as it is in exams, this is for you. I myself scored 68/100 through these notes studying only in last 2-3 months before exams.

For a no-brainer, if you haven’t studied anything, just learn what is inside these notes like NCERT (during NEET UG) while referring to book (incase you want to understand concept in detail). These are exam ready notes which you have to write as it is in exams.

When you read these notes for 2-3 times, you can revise whole IMPs of ENT in 1 day before exams using these notes.