BIOHACK (English) (Coloured) 4th Ed.



Here we present our extraordinary book so that you can get extraordinary marks in biology! BIOHACK is a new idea of studying fact based, subjects faster and with more retention, as discovered by Parth Goyal.

In BIOHACK, you will find questions which are made from each and every line of NCERT that can be asked in NEET. These questions, instead of being MCQ, are fill in the blanks, true/false, one word, one line questions for faster revision and question practice and to prevent guessing.

Parth Goyal has put his years of experience to make such question which are from NCERT but are hard and tricky so that students can know where their next “silly mistake” is going to be!

Through this book, biology will become a cake-walk for you and you will be scoring your highest in biology without putting much effort.

We are now giving question bank with this book to access you need to download ‘PARTHGOYAL’ app on android from same mobile number by which you are ordering book. You need to use code 654321 while purchasing question bank.

Caution : This book cannot replace the standard NCERT Book. This is for short, crisp and faster revision of NCERT and have all the questions that can be possibly asked in NEET from NCERT. However, it cannot act as a substitute of NCERT in any manner.

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