CHEMISTRY HACKSHOT Premium Batch Details (2)

Chemistry Hackshots Video Lectures

Rs. 1499 or
Rs. 599, for students who have bought any edition of CHEMHACK Book


This course is specially designed to make revision a fun yet highly productive activity. We will be revising each chapter of Chemistry NCERT through Active Recall Method in 20-30 min in great detail covering the deepest aspects and concepts of NCERT to which only a topper can reach.

No matter wherever you study, such course is not available anywhere and is supplementary to your revision needs. Me, Neel Goyal, who have scored AIR 1526 in NEET 2023 and got 680/720 in NEET will be teaching in this course.

These videos will be basically video version of CHEMHACK 4th edition (updated).

Caution : This app only runs on android/ios based mobile or tablets. You won’t be able to access course on windows laptop/pc.

Contact 9893102432 or 9893102460 for details

Features –

  • Previous year questions asked from NCERT lines will be focused more.
  • Large information will be remembered with the help of short tricks
  • Revise a chapter in 20-30 min
  • Based on New Syllabus

Students testimonals –

AIR 8, AIR 35, AIR 289, AIR 750, AIR 1071……., all have used our chemhack and hackshot series to score excellent marks in NEET 2023. Even I have used hackshot series available for free on YT last year to score 680/720 in NEET 2023

Price and Offers

Rs. 1499 or
Rs. 599, for students who have bought any edition of CHEMHACK Book
If you have bought chemhack, whatsapp at 9893102432 with your chemhack book invoice to get your coupon code for discount.
NOTE – Students who have already purchased their book or have done payment (prepaid orders) can get instant access to this offer by contacting at 9893102432